Just for a moment, search lovingly for your authentic self.

Many of us have spent years doing everything we can to avoid being rejected, abandoned, unheard or insignificant. We allow our worth and our identity to be defined by others. Because of this outward focus, who we were meant to be and who we truly are often conflict with one another. Your authentic self may be trapped or forgotten, safely boxed up and set aside. It can be challenging to live up to an ideal that someone else in our lives wanted for us. Feeling forever conflicted, over time, we convince ourselves that we do not measure up or that something is wrong with us. When we continue to pursue a life that isn’t true to ourselves,  our creativity and passions may fade away as we search longingly for love, connection and desire.

Today, find the courage to take a peek outside the box of who you think you ought to be.  Look beyond its boundary to a destiny that sweetly calls you. The possibilities are limitless. Discovering your authentic self takes time but is worth the investment. Commission your own expedition to discover new lands and new territories of your very own. Don’t let fear or a need for perfection stop you. Have compassion for yourself. Be faithful to your journey, and simply start wherever you are.  

Just for a moment, search lovingly for your authentic self.



Laurien Hamilton