Today notice what you look to to find contentment. Is it something outside yourself or did you find it deep within?
It’s a trick to let the springs of contentment well up from the inside of your soul rather than let the springs of happiness wash over you from an outside source. Our culture is so hell bent on acquiring, collecting, accumulating and amassing more things promising to turn on the joy, the peace and the calm. What I notice these days is that the more stuff I have the more I have to maintain it with money, with labor and with my limited time and fading energy. My day, weeks, months can be filled with constant upkeep.  I’ve even grown resentful of the very thing I thought I needed to make me a happier being. The more it takes from me to support this one-dimensional, one directional joy I have found the joy gets quickly sucked right out of me.  If I am not aware I find myself looking for more meaning and fulfillment, searching keenly for something newer, bigger, better, faster, smarter to do the trick. I realize now I’m exhausted and uninterested in seeking fulfillment from the outside in.
Contentment is falling in love with my life, rather than waiting for something outside myself to ‘make’ me or ‘help’ me fall in love with my life. Of course it’s fine for events, people, things or places to stimulate and awaken joy, delight, bliss and happiness. There are so many things I see and experience outside myself in a day that fill my heart with wonder and joy. Things that bring me the comforting gift of sheer delight are overflowing. It’s when those things are the only things that switch the flip and turn on the desire; now that’s when I get myself boxed in and dependent. It’s 'outside in' living and that’s what I want to avoid. Today for me it’s the little things that mean the most and over time I have practiced finding pleasure in solitude. Finding bliss in the few minutes I can steal to quiet my chattering mind. I find deep meaning in giving myself an hour to indulge in my precious yoga practice and perfect each posture one at a time. I’m gratefully fulfilled by peaceful morning mediations or meaningful prayer times that open my heart. I’ve come to know that less is more, simple is better, minimal is masterful. It’s really not much by our cultures standards but for me it fills my soul with more joy than I ever thought possible.
Today notice what you look to to find contentment. Is it something outside yourself or did you find it deep within?

Laurien Hamilton