Today refine your quality or state of being precise by adding steadiness and ease into the mix.
Last week I talked about the value of precision. Find your mark, set your gaze on it and commit to being clear, attentive, non-wavering and engaged as you move toward it, in it, through it.  Whether the goal includes only you - getting in and out of bed, moving in and out of a yoga posture, starting and ending a thoughtful prayer time or you are leading one person or more - it’s precise intentional directive that brings about the best outcomes. I hope you played around with it? If you did take the time to indulge yourself with being more precise I hope you noticed a transformation in how you moved through your world even if it was ever so slight. That is all it takes to make a change – a willingness to try something new with little tiny tweaks and before you know it you are there - you are different.
Precision is best accompanied by an approach that lets steadiness and ease be the measure you use to ensure you stay on course in a way that nourishes you deeply. It’s not perfection we are after, nor force or willful might. Neither are we after a speedy breathless pace. It is an ambition that holds true a keen steady awareness. One that ensures moving thoughtfully and deliberately through each experience. Sure we will be provoked and we will suffer but even in times filled with the likes of these kinds of discomforts one can benefit from a refined steady approach. Stop yourself from moving so quickly through one experience after another forgetting to savor the moment. We are a multitasking-frenzied culture that loves to check it off the list, get ‘er done, move on to the next thing and call it quits. We think about the future and what’s to happen next so much the present one slips away unnoticed. Often we can hardly remember what yesterday brought us because we stumbled aimlessly through it. Shift away from the hurry and rush. Expand into every moment with serenity. Breathe away the worry. Replenish your spirit. Enjoy every moment and know you have everything you need to do it and you always did. 
Today refine the quality or state of being precise by adding steadiness and ease into the mix. 

Laurien Hamilton