Today counter beliefs that do not serve you with beliefs that really do.
Limiting beliefs are the prison bars of our lives. There are as many of them as there are people in the world. Everyone has at least one and it holds him or her back from being the best they can be in every single moment. Beliefs that turn passions, goals and dreams to mush sound like this: I’m not smart enough, I’m not good enough, I’m too tired, I have too much to do, I am confused, I don’t have time, it’s too late for me to change, I’m too sick, too fat, too thin or perhaps I’m too old. They go on and on and on. When believing any one of these beauties we will not do, we will not say, we will not even think the things that these little babies work so darn hard to hold us back from and because of this it makes it very difficult for us to be the authentic selves we are truly meant to be. These kinds of unwholesome thoughts cause us so much suffering and keep us from experiencing joy, fulfillment, intimacy, love, laughter, beauty, friendship and gratitude.
Decide today to stand up to your limiting beliefs. Start from wherever you find yourself but start.
Say no more to the robbery of your heart’s peace and passion by believing what is not true about you. You have the power to change, we all do. A very simple awareness of the restrictions we allow to drive our lives will, one baby step at a time, cultivate new ways of believing in who we are. Using steadiness and intention and precision practice changing your story. Invite a healing healthy story to emerge. A story that encourages you, supports you and loves who you are just as you are. Say no more to criticism and judgment. Refuse to contemplate thoughts about yourself that crush your spirit. It takes practice and patience and persistence. Do it anyway. It takes skill, discipline and courage. Make it happen nonetheless. It takes time, commitment and endurance. Live it regardless. You will be blessed. Thoughts that do not serve you can be defused quickly by thoughts that do serve you. You are smart enough, you have the energy you need, you are beautiful, you understand, your body wants to be healthy, you are the perfect age and you have time to be present and on purpose as you journey through the lovely life God so graciously bestowed to you, just for you. Namaste.
Today counter beliefs that do not serve you with beliefs that really do. 

Laurien Hamilton