Today see opportunity in everything that is presented to you, it takes practice but you can do it.
The river of life is meant to offer us the most amazing journey. Experience after experience enriches the passage. There are days that we float relaxed, sun on our back, visions clear and peaceful. Our mind quiet, calm, serene.  We are confident and secure. The experience is everything we anticipated. We breathe into the limitlessness of it. Each moment is cherished, appreciated and treasured. With still mind and quiet heart we acknowledge that what surrounds us is good. Feeling this incredible sense of security and contentment there is an expanse that we almost blend into and become one with. We know we are deeply loved and deeply cherished because we can feel it. The journey is everything we hoped. Prayers answered, blessings delivered and peace at our fingertips. That is until my river and another’s river collide hitting one another with a force that disturbs, conflicts, opposes and clashes so much so that the interruption immediately steals our peace and solitude. Within a moment in the chaos of this intrusion fear and anxiety drive the journey.

The current of the converging waters disturbs our space and sucks us in. We desperately try to pull ourselves out of it. Unprepared for the experience we never dreamt for ourselves. We curse, we push up against, and we scream, usually in our minds, ‘be like me not like you’. With a frantic pace we try to paddle up stream to remove ourselves. Perhaps distance will protect, shield and shelter not only ourselves but also the ones we love that were floating along side us. ‘Beware’ we scream, ‘don’t look’ we warn. We promise the disturbance will subside. We apologize. It’s our fault. We take on guilt and shame and want so much to make it right, shielding the ones we love from the pain and suffering that has muddied the quiet, clear, gentle waters we invited them into.
So much energy is lost and wasted. What would it be like to simply recognize this convergence where waters cross as an opportunity? An opportunity that simply required attentive navigation to find our way through it, that’s all. We let go of what should be and explore what could be. What if we deliberately chose to look at the disturbance with a fresh new perspective and try something new? The collision we experience could just as easily become a merging and blending of waters we invite and embrace that naturally leads us to self-discovery. Perhaps a self-discovery that is meant to liberate us from old tired conditioning. With this fresh outlook guiding us along the way before we know it we find our visions are clear again. We feel refreshed. Through intention and mindfulness we settle into quiet and calm again. And with the bright bold sun once again on our back we float further along our pathway to peace - our life enhanced and even better for it. Namaste.
Today see opportunity in everything that is presented to you, it takes practice but you can do it.

Laurien Hamilton