July 27, 2017 #45
Today keep your eye on a peaceful prize.
Let today unfold naturally keeping in mind the bigger brighter force unfolding it for you and with you every step of the way. Today relax and stay committed to a quiet and calm mind. A mind that is bright, clear and free from constant chatter. As you encourage your mind into a peaceful and serene state your heart will follow along.  It is said, in this quiet place, you will begin to hear the wisdom you are often so desperate to hear. Settle into the stillness with a confidence that even in stillness the day will unfold perfectly, your life will progress along the river designed just for you, just as it should. A tranquil mind naturally cultivates strength and assurance in who we are. We begin to master the journey rather than the journey mastering us. 
As you steady your mind and quiet your beautiful heart you will find almost seamless collaboration and connections overflowing opportunity after opportunity.  Your journey will have an effortlessness to it that perhaps you have not fully experienced before. Rest in this place, savor it, embrace it. Breathe into it's comfort. It’s not easy to keep this level of serenity going in our crazy busy bustling lives but when you fall into the choppy waters, and you will, keep your eye on your devotion to peace and it will find it’s way back to you. With a wholehearted faithfulness and a willingness to explore the world from this quiet stance your sweet world will most certainly begin to transform. Explore your highest possibilities and know a peaceful adventure awaits. 

Today keep your eye on a peaceful prize.

Laurien Hamilton