Today look beyond ideas of wrong and right.

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field, I’ll meet you there." 13th Century poet Jelaluddin Rumi blessed us with this incredible wisdom. I discovered it for the first time last week stenciled on the wall of a yoga studio far from home. There on my mat struggling with foggy condemning mind, shallow breath and unbalanced body I looked up and there it was. The words soothed me like a hot lavender bath does on a cold winter night. Of course the timing of these words were perfect. Far to often I get stuck in the crazy cycle of condemning myself for my seemingly many imperfections and vast valleys of not enoughness. Do you?

I say stand up to this bully! It’s ugly, it’s violent and it discredits everything we have done and will do on our incredible life journey.  I’ve written about it off and on for a year. In inspiring you to reach for more, I encouraged myself and from this practice I trust in myself more wholeheartly than ever before. I go to that condemning place far less and when I do find myself there I spend a lot less time brewing in it. I have learned to recognize it sooner and more importantly not believe the lie of it. Everything I write Thursday after Thursday I do. I am very committed to not being a hypocritical author encouraging my readers to do something I do not or cannot do. I am not perfect, I waver but when I do I get right back up just as soon as I can muster it.

Please meet me in the field, out beyond rightdoing and wrongdoing. Let’s lie in the soft grass and feel the warm sun on our bodies. Together we will gain courage and strength. It is there we will flourish and in so doing Divine connection will be found. As you bump up against the fence line of someone’s definition of wrong and right, and you will, welcome the opportunity to grow and stretch standing strong in the person you are. The person God meant you to be. Believe passionately that your authentic self brings with it incredible contributions that only you can bring. In so doing you will naturally invite those around you to do the same. Your freedom will reign and who you are meant to be will root deeply into the earth growing a heart filled with love and joy and gratefulness. May peace be with you, may peace surround you and may peace and love flow from you in every opportunity that you find yourself in.  Meet me in the field; I’ll be waiting for you. 

Today look beyond ideas of wrong and right.

Laurien Hamilton