September 28, 2017 #52

Today release this notion of perfection, we are not meant to be perfect we are meant to be whole.
Being driven by the standards of our culture is so exhausting to live up to. The burden of making it all happen, as it should is truly demanding especially when we couple it with the need to be perfect doing it. Upon the discovery of one flaw do you find yourself completely discounting your work, your life, your body or your art? This mistake, this tarnish, this thing not entirely right can completely discount the beauty, the strength and the completeness of who you are. It is critical that you know your wholeness isn’t dependent on where we seemingly went wrong your wholeness is dependent on where the going wrong, the side step, the missed beat actually enhanced your life’s course and colored your world in such a way that it makes you perfectly unique. See the gift in it if you can and keep your eye on your prize not on someone else’s prize for you.
Sometimes we so want to be perfect, like someone we know or admire, that we miss ourselves. We get so lost in it we soon don’t even know who we are. Sometimes we so want to be important we miss that we are. We so want to be good we overlook how wholesome we really are. We try so hard to be brave we cannot see the evidence of our incredible courage. We want so badly to be loved that we miss the tenderness in our midst. We miss it because we look for something that is perfect and truly impossible to see. Expectations are so high they diminish even the hint of loving-kindness. Perfect love, perfect bravery, perfect importance; it’s frankly exhausting. Stop it. Wholeness doesn’t mean perfect; wholeness means enough. We are enough, we are worthy, we are lovable, and we are cherished completely. Let who you are shine radiantly no matter what. Believe you are enough. And know the world sparkles more brightly with you in it just as you are.
Today release this notion of perfection, we are not meant to be perfect we are meant to be whole.

Laurien Hamilton