Today arrive fully in every second of your life.

It’s not easy to truly live and be present in each moment of our lives.  We often spend so much time looking into the future, figuring out the next opportunity or planning upcoming events that the very moment we are experiencing diminishes before our very eyes. Because of this fascination with something other than the current moment it is sometimes as if that very moment never even registers itself in the memory banks of our lives. It is at a juncture such as this that we can, if we are not careful, miss out on the significant essentials every moment has to offer us. The hope and even fear of what’s to come can seduce us from our current reality into one that has not and may not even happen. Because we have one foot in the present and one in the future chaos brews in our hearts and in our minds. Inner peace and tranquility are lost and stolen. Devotion to the moment is reduced and minimized.  Joy is misplaced with worry and anxiety and discouragement sets in.

Fear not my friend, you have all you need to live a full and present life. Great strength is born from the quiet discipline of living fully in every moment. With confidence and commitment we can learn to mindfully discourage the upcoming temptations that distract us from the now. Like anything we practice, as we become more seasoned, it becomes easier and easier to sooth growing anxieties and quiet voices that want so desperately to figure out what is next. Dedication and perseverance to this practice must consistently drive us. If you let it you will find that in the end this kind of commitment is well worth the effort. It helps to know that every moment brings with it particular contributions that enhance the life you are destined to lead and therefore ought not be missed. Every second of your life is of great value, paving your life’s path flagstone by flagstone. A consistent presence ensures we stay on the path that helps get us to the future we are so restless about with grace and peace and truth. As you master this kind of real time living a broadened self-awareness will most certainly develop uncovering, more clearly, who you are in the world. Listen not for the ‘to do’ list but for the stillness, the quiet, the peace it is there that you will be nourished.  Let each breath of life move you to the next.

Today arrive fully in every second of your life.

Laurien Hamilton